Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last day in NY!

So I have to start out with something I forgot to write about yesterday…which I’m not sure how I managed to forget this since it was traumatizing to me! We were standing in line to buy Garlic Fries at the Yankee game last night, when we heard a loud THUD. We turned around and this large woman was collapsed on the ground with her eyes half open. I dropped to the ground and checked her pulse, which she had thank GOD because I so did not want to do CPR on this woman…and she was breathing. Or, was she snoring?? It was so bizarre! She wouldn’t respond to stimulation but her pulse and snoring were fine. People were screaming for help, and some police officers came over to see what was going on. Then, all of the sudden, her eyes opened and focused and she sat right up like nothing had happened, and looked really confused. She apparently was fine after that although I imagine she must have had quite a headache later on. Anyway, it really freaked me out, I hate stuff like that! And, we ended up way farther back in the Garlic Fries line after that…

Ok, today was a much drier day for us, thank goodness! It was still a bit drizzly but not too bad, actually we were kind of hot walking around all day so the cloudy sky was nice. We got up this morning and packed up and checked out of our hotel. We were able to leave our bags there so we didn’t have to carry them around all day. We took the subway downtown to have lunch at John’s on Bleecker St. which is a very tasty Pizza place. Some of NY’s best pizza, we will have to compare to what we get in Italy! :)

After our very tasty lunch we did a LOT of walking to work off all those pizza calories… We took the subway back Uptown and walked around the Northern part of Central Park. We also visited the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, which is huge and beautiful! We tried to go to another Cathedral also, but it was closed for renovations. We also went to Grant’s Tomb…guess who’s buried there? Today was just a lot of sightseeing and walking around in the rain…we even had time for a Pinkberry treat!

We eventually went back and picked up our bags and took the trains back to the airport where we are now sitting and waiting to board our flight to Switzerland! We are super excited to get into Italy…although we just checked the forecast, and guess what? It’s going to be raining there…don’t we have the best luck?!?


  1. LOL, I am sitting here laughing my ass off! Sarah you are so funny!! So glad that lady didn't try to die on you.
    Love ya

  2. That's my girl. Out saving lives even on vacation.

    Glad she didn't fall on you.